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Rivals’ Plans to Taint Users’ Favorite Stretch Mark Cream Backfires

No stretch mark cream in the market today can match the performance of Celtrixa. This is what experts have to say. Users are posting raving reviews of this cream. This further strengthens experts’ statements.

The end users of the product are happy. This is what matters the most. No user would create stories about a cream. They are known to call a spade a spade. So, if they are saying that Celtrixa works wonderfully on their skin, it means it works.

Rivals of this stretch mark cream cannot expect to misguide people by posting false Celtrixa scam reports. Experts have probed into the scam and found that dissatisfied users found to be screaming scam online are actually rivals in disguise. The entire thing is a drama. It is created only to taint the cream’s image.

According to top dermatologists of the country, it is shameful on the part of rivals to indulge in such acts. These reports have made Celtrixa rise higher in the eyes of experts and users. This shows that the cream is such a grand success that it has sent its rivals in a tizzy. Rivals’ plans have backfired with a bang.

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